Preliminary Web Marketing Blueprint Outline

Preliminary Web Marketing Blueprint

Here’s a screenshot of the very preliminary areas of training for the Web Marketing Blueprint. Each of these topics can exponentially expand into deeper and more advanced information. The whole goal of the blueprint is to keep it simple with numbered steps being shown performed live on video.

The focus right now is only with the top level categories, as there are many more that could be added on that level. That is fine, as area will be entirely focused on then drilled down into with everything needed for anyone to master that specific marketing strategy.

Besides what is shown in the image above, each and every area has the ability to hold step-by-step text content, along with related media attachments and the specific screencast videos for that subject box.

If you have any comments on areas missed in the top-level only (as there are a few), just leave a short comment below and it may be added to The 10,000ft view of the Web Marketing Blueprint.

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