Disavow Unwanted Links in a Few Months?

The daily digest at Ahrefs always seems to have a great piece of SEO related material to share. Here are the examples from today, June 13th.

Google will launch a tool to disavow unwanted links

According to Matt Cutts, Google is considering offering a tool that would let webmasters disavow certain links. Webmasters discuss the possible impact of this action on SEO world.
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Forget Link Building! It’s About Link Earning

In this article SE Roundtable expert Barry Schwartz covers Danny Sullivan’s speech at SMX Advanced in which he tried to prove that after the Penguin update it is important not just to get links, but to get links that matter. So, the harder it is to earn a link, the more likely that link will help you achieve good ranking results with Google.
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Google: We’re Starting To Enforce Paid Links More

In this post Cris Crum highlights the discussion with Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced where he said that as Google constantly build up new tools to spot the examples of negative SEO activities, it is getting more serious about buying and selling links. So paid links become a higher risk endeavor.
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Will Google penalize you if you remove links too fast?

To recover from the Penguin update you should remove your artificial backlinks. But does it really improve the situation? Sharing their experiences in this forum thread, some webmasters claim that after removing some links from their sites they’ve dropped much further than the initial penalty.
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These articles are either dated June 7th or June 8th.


10 thoughts on “Disavow Unwanted Links in a Few Months?

  1. Hmmm this is very interesting Thanks for putting this together.

    It is very interesting to see how google is tackling negative SEO. I have seen people complain about updowner.com links and google is adamant that they wont harm your site but people have evidence that it has. I also wonder about zeezo.com as they also do tons of links but it is a directory and so you request to add your link. Updowner.com just steal your content!

    All the best

  2. Hey Gregg,

    I really hope that Matt Cutts and his Google’s SPAM team get their act together.

    In the article they mention they are going to release a tool to get rid of the unsolicited links to our sites. I get a TON of these links and I’m not requesting them so I can’t stop these people from linking to my site.

    My website has been seriously penalized lately, it went from an Alexa rank of 80k all the way to 140k and getting worse.

    I just keep it up because people already know it by memory but it’s almost as is Google didn’t wanted it on the search results and the funny thing is that it barely has any ads and it’s full of great content.

    I survived the Panda update but the Penguin update completely nailed me.


  3. Great post, thank you! I’m part of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge and one of the reasons is all the silly Google games. But then quality usually rules and I’m kind of glad it’s not a case of whoever pays for the most links gets the top spot.

    Wishing you the best of success,


  4. Backlinks by itself are links to your web page that can be employed to help your research engine rankings. Apart from this, some webmasters imagine that getting back-links from all of websites generally is a beneficial. Forums are a good place to get connected to people who are considering the same thing you happen to be promoting and for that reason, it is a great way to market your business.

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