Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge

The original post for Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge was removed; that challenge was in 2012-2013, but I decided to put it at the end of this post.

The newest one is Dean’s 2014 QS Challenge, and if you stick with ONE program that has proven success and see it through taking the exact steps given, you too should have some level of success also. You will find it difficult if you jump around from course to course, to plugin to plugin and attempt to stay up-to-date on all the latest products to find any success.

There are 3-4 IM launches every day. That is over 1000 products a year with 85% of them being unnecessary and plain worthless. The other issue I ran into was over complicating the things that are necessary for online success. We tend to make things more difficult; but if we just realized all you need is an offer (yours or someone else’s), a target market/thirsty crowd then all that is left to do is get that offer in front of that thirsty crowd.

Yes, there are many, many things that can be done to enhance and improve and streamline the items of online success but one has to START first, FAIL often, and then the taste of success will be that much sweeter.


Success is not doing extraordinary things, Success is doing ordinary things extraordinary well

Good luck in your online endeavors and keep an eye out as we are going to be releasing the A to Z of Web Marketing relatively soon. The goal of the WMB is to have everything you need to know located in one place, continually updated and edited to keep pace with the newest technology and latest strategies.

The unique part of the Web Marketing Blueprint will be that there will be an SEO expert here, online to answer and help with any questions each and every day. To help with anything SEO and online marketing including research on your market, and help to get you making money online as fast as possible.

Don’t forget to add your email to the VIP list, because the first 200 VIP signups will be getting $1000s of dollars worth of actionable information and one-on-one consulting for free. After the number is reached the increase kicks in and VIP 201 will be paying a little more; but everyone is grandfathered in at the price they originally signed up at, for the life of the site. The plan is to always have this site up and running for years to come.

I’m continually sorting through hundreds of Gigs of the best IM material online pulling out the best nuggets and testing them to see if they truly bring about the result that is promised. So you will be getting the cream of the crop of the IM world, no not cream of the crap, and no filler either, just simple blueprints that will lead you to success faster than learning from multiple sources or any other site. Together with over 15 years of my own refined processes will get you to expert status quicker than you probably thought possible, with the bottom line test, being your bottom line profits.

Original Post:
Dean Holland's Quick Start Challenge

With all the information online nowadays, it’s great to find a reliable source that’s willing to help to get you from where you are, to where you want to be with your online business. I have begun a program that seems to have this and many other good qualities, called Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge.

The first Webinar was terrific which laid the groundwork needed for any person starting out in the Internet Marketing arena to get off on the right foot. By seeing where Dean came from and where he is now gives me more hope to attain those lofty goals that have seemed, always an arm’s reach away, until now.

It was reinforced to me that one of the most important things to understand before moving forward is the extreme importance of knowing WHY you want to make more money. As Dean said, money should not be the biggest motivator or you will probably not stay with it. So it seems important to uncover the WHY and I still need a stronger WHY myself and continue to work on it.

I do not want to be in the same position of being over-worked with too many peaks and valleys in my income this time next year, so I know I need to do something different and have taken steps, Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge course is one of them, and I am glad I did. The first week was great which leads me to believe there are better things ahead. This is one thing I will stick with and make time for… and this Challenge, one way or another will make me grow as I shoot for the moon with my new IM business. You can read a little more about me and what I can do for you.

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