Create a USP That Instantly Sells Your Product or Services

Good products and services have essential and fundamental qualities that help differentiate from the competition. This creates an uniqueness and on top of that makes the product or service a better choice to a certain segment of your market.

Determining, creating this unique, valuable quality contained in your product or service would be the unique selling proposition (USP).

What is your USp - 3 Seconds or lessFive simple questions to ask yourself to quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of your USP¹

  1. How does it benefit my prospect?
  2. Will it immediately resonate with my marketplace?
  3. Does it inherently sell my product or service?
  4. Can I write an entire report, create an entire marketing campaign, or do a complete webinar about it?
  5. Do I have enough evidence to support it?

Better than a USP, 4 Big Questions that can help you create Irresistible Offers.²

  1. What are you trying to sell me
  2. How Much?
  3. Why Should I believe You?
  4. Whats in it for me?

This offer would consist of the 3 factors

  1. High ROI Offer
  2. A Touchstone
  3. Believability

Characteristics of a Good Touchstone

  1. Clarity
  2. Simplicity
  3. Brevity
  4. Immediacy

The obvious point is to be simple, and straight to the point. What are you trying to sell me? How Much? Why Should I believe You? Whats in it for me?

¹Rich Schefren; ²Mark Joyner

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